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The history of the legendary Fufu Ninja Wars has been clouded by the many myths and legends surrounding one of Azeroth's deadliest strifes. For there are few, if any records that survived the countless generations since the last Fufu Ninja War. Most of what is known about the Fufu Ninja wars has been taken from stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. Most notably by the accounts of the Night Elves.

Download and experience one of Warcraft's most epic secret battles thousands of years before the Reign of Chaos.

Facebook has been Fufu Ninja'd


Fufu United Ninja All-Stars is on Facebook!
If you're a true Fufu Ninja, there's no way not to like this one.

Like it: http://www.facebook.com/fufuninja

Warcraft DVD Cover Art Fufu Ninjas


This is a Warcraft DVD /Game title cover art for Fufu United Ninja All-Stars.
It has a Pandaren with Chinese characters and a Mature rating for the violence in Fufu Ninja games. Onetamad is the original artist for the Pandaren.

What do you think of this game cover for the Warcraft mod: Fufu United Ninja AllStars?

Garena Supported Project Awards 2009


Fufu United Ninja AllStars has been nominated at the Garena Supported Project Awards 2009.

To vote for Fufu Ninja, just go to this thread on Garena.

Our community should win it this year, guys!

Fufu Ninja Discussion on the Official DotA Forums


Join the Fufu United Ninja All-Stars discussion on PlayDotA


Excerpts from the discussion at PlayDotA

This game was big in IDL

I love this custom map, 2nd to DotA.


So i finished downloading it and got a game in and its actually really fun, a game worth playing when i am bored of dota.


This game is all about mouse clicking skills.Still fun though!


This game is really fun to play.

So come join us at http://www.playdota.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2677

See you guys there

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